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How to Pay for College

Don't let paying for college wreck your
clients financial life and retirement plans.

Better college planning can lead to better retirement planning

Your services are invaluable in helping clients save for college and protect their income and assets.

However, the college buying journey is more complicated than that, encompassing student preparation, school selection and other financial readiness strategies.

college prep strategies

Your clients need a real plan to tackle this major expense.

Are you ready to help them?

$1.7 trillion in student and parent loans!

College is one of the largest purchases a family will make, yet parents and students are left mostly in the dark about how college pricing really works today, how to determine a great value and how to protect themselves financially throughout the college years.

It’s time for a change. 

Let’s empower families for their college journey…

Become Savvy

 College Consumers…

Take the guesswork out of college planning

Build a better list of schools to consider

Make more informed financial decisions

Spend Smarter!

Streamline Client Planning

Reduce the confusion and overwhelm

Save Lots of time!

If your clients are parents of middle schoolers or high schoolers, there are steps they can take now to save more, drive down their future college costs and avoid excessive college related debt.


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If you want to help your clients but don’t want to take on the learning curve and time commitment for college planning, I can help.

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