Financial Aid for College – What Is It, Who Provides It and How You Get It

College is one of life’s biggest expenses, so it makes sense that the financial aid to pay for it would be complicated.

But who thought it would be this complicated?

Even higher education veterans can feel their heads start to spin when they try to keep track of the endless string of acronyms, ever-shifting rates, and obscure jargon.

Where does financial aid come from? Who will give it to you? Why will they give it to you, and how will they know that you want it in the first place? What (if anything) will they expect in return? This quick guide will address those questions and get you up to speed on financial aid.

You can easily view, print or download this pdf version, so you can keep it on hand throughout your college planning as well as when you’re reviewing your financial aid award offers from schools.

Financial Aid Quick Guide cvr
Financial Aid Quick Guide (PDF version) click image to view/print/download
Financial Aid Quick Guide excerpt

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