College Planning that

Saves You Money and Time

Plan Smart, Save Big on College Costs

Hey Parents!

Figuring out How to Pay for College can be overwhelming and stressful for your family, whether college is right around the corner or a few years down the line. 


Given the high costs of college and your desire to provide the best for your child, it’s easy to overspend and accumulate debt and face other financial challenges, like shortchanging your retirement savings.


Don’t overpay for college for your kids and jeopardize your retirement.


Create a better college funding plan and protect your family’s financial future.




Work with College Money Smart

Make Your Family's College Journey
More Affordable and Less Stressful

  • Take the guesswork out of your college planning
  • Build a better list of schools to consider
  • Explore more possibilities for your family
  • Make more informed financial decisions


Maximize your college buying power.


Find the right fit school for your student and your finances.


Save money and time in planning and paying for college.

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Choose a Plan

Find the right plan for your situation

College Financial Essentials

Give yourself the gift of more time.

Get a jumpstart on a more affordable college future.

  • Understand the college pricing landscape
  • How to manage family college money conversations
  • Savings goals and strategies for today and into college years
  • Detailed cost projections for sample schools
  • Student preparation overview
  • 1 planning meeting
  • 1 follow-up meeting

This plan is ideal for families with kids in elementary school through 9th grade, or if you just want a second opinion on your current planning.

Fee: $450

Financially Fit for College

 Spend smarter on your family’s college journey.

This is a comprehensive college funding plan to help you maximize your college buying power and find the right fit school for your student and your finances.

  • Calculate Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Calculate family college budget – cash flow and savings
  • Build a better list of schools to consider and compare schools side-by-side
  • Estimate Need-based and Merit-based Aid
  • Determine true out-of-pocket costs for schools on your list
  • Understand student loan costs and repayment schedules, before taking them out

Ideal for families with high school sophomores and juniors

Fee: $1,200

Financial Aid Awards Review

Know the real bottom line before saying ‘yes’ to any school.

Compare financial aid for up to four schools

  • Summary of four-year net costs
  • Proposed need based and merit-based awards
  • Borrowing analysis
  • Repayment schedule
  • Estimated take-home pay
  • Total repayment costs
  • Identify any potential remaining Funding Gap

Ideal for families with students who have been accepted to schools and received financial aid offers

Fee: $375

Take control of your college funding planning today

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