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College Funding Planning

Maximize Your College Buying Power


Find the Right Fit School for Your Student and for Your Finances


Save Money and Save Time in Planning for and Paying for College

If you are parents of college bound high school students and even slightly concerned, worried or scared about paying for college, you need a real plan, a college funding plan

Paying for college today can be an expensive, daunting, stressful endeavor…


    • Published college prices are astronomically high


    • What schools think you can pay and what you really can pay, are two very different numbers


    • Financial aid doesn’t cover enough costs


    • Student and parent loans are costly and take years to repay

Paying for college is the second largest consumer purchase (after home buying) for most families. But parents and students are mostly left in the dark about how to manage their college buying and how to protect themselves financially throughout the process.



Too many families are overpaying and overspending on college costs



There is a better way…



Work with College Money Smart to Boost your College Funding Success!

Creating your College Money Smart College Funding Plan gives you the opportunity to:


Utilizing state of the art, award-winning college planning software, you have instant access to:

Calculate Expected Family Contribution and Family College Budget

View Detailed School Information

Broaden Your School Search

Evaluate and Compare Financial Aid Awards

Bring your College Funding Planning to life with an interactive and powerful tool 

Your College Funding Planning is now so much easier to do!

You can skip countless hours of online searching for information about schools.

You don’t need to create cumbersome spreadsheets to view multiple data points.

You now have access to a user-friendly, comprehensive and collaborative software tool that is truly a family portal for your college funding planning. 


Enjoy Less Stress and More Success in Your College Funding Planning

If you’re ready to Maximize Your College Buying Power, schedule a call or virtual meeting with Taren. 

Together, we can:

  • Tour the college planning software platform and view a full college funding plan 
  • Discuss your situation to determine if this is the best option for your family

It’s time for a better way to manage your college planning…
the College Money Smart way

Quality Education

We're focused on sending your kids to great schools that support their future success and well being.

Big Savings

Our aim is to save you money and time, while reducing the stress and emotional toll on your family.

Secure Future

We prioritize maintaining your financial wellness and long term financial security.

Take Control of Your College Funding Planning…Start Today!


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